Rebecca told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) that things like tissue paper would stick to her hips; and, one day, the long hours of wearing sticky paint makeup made her so upset that director Bryan Singer told her to have a glass of white wine and relax. why is she dressed like a Mother Superior in a cloistered convent? Hands down by Robert and Tom. It’s very easy to flirt up a married man, especially if you are working with him for many many hours and he has to be away from his family for certain periods of time. I get the impression that ScarJo wouldn’t mind being cast as the “scarlet” woman who steals other people’s husbands. He doesn’t do well on his own. And that this is worthy of being broadcast on the Sony JumboTron in Times Square. Memo to Scarjo: you’re NOT one of the boys. Summary: Mini-stories (generally <1k words) I've written on my blog about various characters portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. Let’s hope she’s an equal opportunist and flirting with her single co-stars as well, otherwise she’s just a pain in the arse. margin: auto; Yawn! No way she will date of the actors from the avengers. I like Cobie a lot more than Scarlett btw, and if she would go for Hiddles, Renner or Ruffalo or even RDJ or any of the other (not considering the fact that some of the guys are married) I would love that! Like match point and he is just not into you…. There was a story in the Russian press when they were promoting Avengers in Moscow. I earned my PhD in a male-dominated field at a young age … and the distinction between “one of the guys” and “that girl” was exactly what I took from Lainey’s blind. Speak for yourself. One of the them even works with them at their production company. “Their husbands text back and forth with Scarlett, call her and giggle on the phone – and when they rave that Scarlett is ‘like one of the guys,’ it really grinds the girls’ gears! Voir plus d'idées sur le thème marvel, actrice, héros. I could see her with Chris Evans… He likes women with big a*s non?! Her mother was American-born, with Dutch and English ancestry, and was a teacher of English. You mean a serial social climber? I’m not saying I’d like to see ScarJo (or anyone else for that matter) breaking up their marriage, but I’d feel A LOT of schadenfreude if that ever happened. He’s married to Sunrise Coigney (that’s her name, I shit you not) and they have three children. Maybe ScarJo’s flirty nature brought out the mama bear instinct? No they don’t (i.e Twihard Meltdown 2012). Cameron Diaz on the other hand seems to be one of the clingiest/neediest women in Hollywood. Glad Cobie gets to be in Iron Man 3 and not Scarlett, who was the low point in IM2! @Erinn at work is where I usually end up being one of the guys. The end. The Official Tom Hiddleston Facebook Fanpage Femme aux cheveux bruns, aux cheveux longs, aux yeux marrons, célibataire, avec aucun enfants, pour long terme, Is Scarlett Johansson Dating Tom Hiddleston qui fume jamais Category Page 1 July 27, 2012 at 12:19 pmAs for Chris Hemsworth new beard Elsa, they met on the red carpet hired by the same talent agent, you need more? Have you all notced that nobody is trying to set her up with Jeremy,now that he was (allegedly) outed? I could not stop staring at her… Lately, she’s been a bit meh, but watch it and see. I believe Original N was interpreting Lainey’s blind item –not that she actually thought that about Johansson. LOL Viv…poor Chris I want to like him soooo much, but all brawn and no brains is not indicative to picking the right woman IMO.”. SJo should be with SJo or go back to Sean Penn. Everything matches (timeline, people involved) in that blind item. She’s a loser who dates abusers like Sean Penn, that’s all I need to know about her. I think of her along the same lines as K-stew. - IMDb Mini Biography By: I find other actresses much more attractive overall than Scarlett for some reason. He is more than an ovarie destroyer okay? I do not go out of my way to compliment them, or actively ignore other women. The actor has all the signs of the classic cinematic heartthrob: crisp, fit, with an impeccable British accent and an easy smile. I guess Black Widow’s special power is jiggling AND flirting. Never heard any gay whispers about him. Sorry, couldn’t resist! She has to have all the attention on her. Publicity Listings Scroll down and see for yourself how many “candid shots” of Hemsworth we’ve been seeing lately. Has not kept in touch or spoken to former husband. By the way, this one of the blind items he didn’t reveal. I really, really hope this post brings out some wailing Avengers fan-girls. July 27, 2012 at 11:43 am @Viv…”I would love to hear from people who actually know what’s she’s really like.” In EP’s case that is not really necessary…her resume screams opportunistic, scheming, man eater.”, Ha! Go for it. HA! Other than that, she is not even that pretty or anything special. (origianal post: L acteur qui joue loki le frere de thor est venu manger chez ns a la villa mahana.Tres sympa avec sa femme mr et mme hiddleston) so, remember when ELLE UK said Tom had an special lovely announcement to do? I am a lot older than you are and I chose not to have kids. @ Erinn – thank you! Don’t you think it’s interesting that earlier in the week he took a trip I could be wrong, but that’s the vibe I have gotten from Scarlett from day one. The reason why *I* (particularly) can’t stand her is what she did to Adrien Brody — she used him as much as she could. plus RDJ is touchy feely with everybody. Are you crazy? Her maternal grandfather was of Dutch ancestry, while her maternal grandmother had English ancestry. I just love them all, they’re a great group, and if Scarlett wants one the guys she can always take Jeremy Renner home! It’s not happening. How many Hollywood men have cheated on their girlfriends/wives? Sheesh, she’s probably going to hurt his career. Has appeared in five movies based on Marvel comic book characters: Her father is Dutch and her mother is American. In 2005 was ranked #99 in "FHM" magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement. Tom Hiddleston, Jared Leto sit front row for an eclectic, romantic collection from Alessandro Michele to kick off Milan Fashion Week. Interesting…I’ve only read nice things about Adrien Brody. Not in their next nine lives!! I guess it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be happy if my hubby was staring at her so intently with his arm around her like in that first pic. The husband should be joking with his wife not another woman…..How would Scarlet feel if she had just given birth to find some young woman flirting with her husband. AGREED!!! I just knew my Friday was going to be good. is just one of the guys. I’m glad Ryan has moved on. The Circus at its dreary, paranoid, internecine best. I still can't believe that I walk down the runway once a year in high heels and lingerie for Victoria's Secret. Thanks for the info… I don't know where it's coming from, but I think studios are finally realizing that people want to see girls who can kick butt as well as guys can. (Yeah, I know people who don’t know how to pick a spouse and they keep repeating and picking the same type person over and over again.). If you wanna be friends with RDJ you first have to get pass Susan. But for some reason, when I read what he said about her, my eyebrows went up. And noooo, I don’t think she’s too flirty with them… I actually think the guys flirt more with each other than with Scarlett. I think she would. You have to realize something about RDJ. I searched because I was curios why he feels the need to carry that baby in his “manly arms” every freaking call the paps freaking day. Is this the same ‘wife’ who is now his ex-girlfriend? Shhh…. I mean come on, it’s pretty simple really…look at said one’s past relationship history to see the future. Oh, and ScarJo better not try anything with Mark Ruffalo!! Scarlett looks pretty ugly next to Ms Sunshine IMO! I don’t see her as a femme fatale. 24 oct. 2017 - Découvrez le tableau "star" de catherine tremblay-lesage sur Pinterest. S’ALL GOOD, MAN! to me it looks like Scar just gets along very well with men like friendship but then you see the pics like the above pic and they are like staring at her drooling for her and stuff I don’t see the friendship from them it’s like they desire/want her lol I never saw chris hemsworth or chris evans like that with Scarlett but RDJ Hiddles yes! Just love the idea of Scarjo with Mark Ruffalo…is he attached? HELL no, she can’t have Chris Evans, he is mine!!! I wouldn’t worry too much about the others. So, none of u can have him! Chatcat says: She has RDJ’s heart, and she knows it. I’ve always liked hanging out with guys and just being one of the guys, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been considered a threat by my buddies’ wives because I don’t ooze sex appeal like Scarlett. } NOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I don’t think RDJ would ever cheat and I don’t think my hubby would cheat either, but I’d be pissed. Bam! Saw a print interview where he corrected the marriage rumour… he didn’t know where that came from and he was definitely not married. Rebecca first met John Stamos in 1994, at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and had her first date with him at Disneyland. “Talie says: And there’s an ‘Avengers’ sequel in the works, so the problem’s ongoing.”, But “Innocent” ScarJo, happily settled in with ad exec Nate Naylor, “doesn’t see herself as a femme fatale – she’s never broken up a marriage or anything. RDJ, bam! When she was young her parents didn't have much money, so she had to shop at a thrift store called Value Village. Doesn’t his younger brother plan his marriage to Miley, who is not even 20 yet ………..Hmmmm. She doesn’t really give that man-killer vibe, in my opinion. I think he’s smart, I just think he was a little naive, compared to that international vixen with years of experience. You sound like the type of woman who is threatened by every woman who is better looking than you. Please. I do think she’s just the kind of person who is too friendly and it gets taken as flirting. : She was still with Brody when that happened. No way. float: left; Taylor And Calvin: The Social Media Fallout Maybe that annoyed her former husband… Just saying. *raises hand* present!! I don’t see her as the “femme fatale” type either. I doubt any of the wives are concerned about her. Scarlett can’t have anyone except Jeremy Renner. “Is this the moment when I’m supposed to tell you that you look good too?”. 10 janv. In 1997 was voted "GQ" Magazine's Woman of the Year. something about her smile and her pinprick eyes and that goofy potato nose when she smiles big… kind of reminds me of a dork. femme!reader; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-01-20 Updated: 2021-01-20 Words: 3983 Chapters: 4/? and in several shots of various premieres, Robert is smart and he loves his beautiful wife Susan but you never know he is a man afterall and Scarlett is one very sexy woman she attracts lots of men and I bet RDJ too.. anyway I can’t blame them, it’s Scarlett! I too seem to gravitate towards the guys and no I’m not seen as a threat because, well, you can’t see me but… particularly at the unforunate parties where the sexes seem to diverge. RDJ is not JD. ps: Tom Hiddleston is so cute on the red carpet. *Bangs my Hiddlestoned fists on the table!!!*. T he silence on Hiddleswift has been broken – from Tom Hiddleston's side, at least.. I thought the same thing when I heard him in interviews. Yeah, she strikes me as a guy’s girl and just prefers male friendship. Sebastian Stan was 'really worried' for Tom Hiddleston when he dated Taylor Swift. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, Netherlands Beautiful, Famous & Sexy ActresseS. They both are just okay when it comes to acting and they really aren’t drop dead gorgeous. Oh no, its always the villainous femme fatale forcing the helpless men to ignore their wives. She was married to Ryan Reynolds and dated Sean Penn (ew!). I think certain women have a problem with girls like Scarlett bc they are not smart or talented, just dumb and annoying. They are perfect. O_o, Kay says: July 27, 2012 at 3:20 pm home to Australia without Elsa and it’s been almost 5 whole days that we haven’t seen a pap shot of him? Eve. I just don’t want her harming Hemsworth or his career. I’m genuinely asking – I seemed to have missed whatever made people think she’s a bitch. I’ve been branded with the “Scarlett A” by my guy friend’s SOS and would never betray my man ever, but don’t think any of man friends really would do anything appropriate with me either. Named #80 on "Maxim: magazine's "Hot 100 of 2005" list. July 27, 2012 at 9:26 am When people rave about how beautiful she is, I find it mind boggling. And yes, the job I am referring to was in the internet area. Disney/Marvel got lucky with this cast. LA is filled with such girls. Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie share top billing in this globe-trotting TV miniseries based on a novel by spy thriller maestro John le Carré. He uses terms like “unbelieveably excited” more than the average man. Pataky is a cunning bitch — would be interesting if someone “out-cunned” her. She has tendency to get puffy and is honestly really average imo. Sexy at the millennium means having a solid sense of self but never taking yourself too seriously. Hiddleston is a sweetheart, and he’s talked about ScarJo a lot, even said they went horseback riding in the Rio Grande. But if she’s not a social climber of the worst kind, I’ll eat my hat. And I think the BlindGossip item from the other day (the “sexter”) is about her. Why can’t the guys be flirty? Must be a slow news day (or the KStew drama is making everyone fish for other “scandals”). Oh, and ScarJo better not try anything with Mark Ruffalo!! She just plays one in movies Chatcat, Ha! I couldn’t agree with you more. Oh hell no! Don’t you think it’s interesting that earlier in the week he took a trip Oh, my God! He’s got a lot of respect for women & seems like the sweet nerdy guy in school who had a lot of friends who were girls. Tom Hiddleston for Style Magazine 2017 / (Ariana Stergio): the next person that is going to say something about their ovaries, I am gonna rip then apart okay? Does anyone else think ScarJo is incredibly goofy looking? Just to play devil’s advocate, why does ScarJo have to be the flirty one? <3 I don’t get her at all. Leave it to a misogynistic tabloid to hold the woman at fault instead of the married men. The boys are just talking about more interesting things. Hopefully I’m wrong! I think that ScarJo is freaking out a little inside over the ex moving on so quickly to a serious relationship and she’s doing the “I’m not upset, look how flirty and happy I am!!! From femme fatale to complex superhero: ... (Tom Hiddleston). “ScarJo’s buddy-buddy friendships with their husbands has really rubbed some wives the wrong way – especially Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa, and Robert Downey Jr.’s wife, Susan,” said the insider. Not Ruffalo. They were both on an Aussie soap, Home and Away.Interestingly enough they are due to appear in the remake of Red Dawn together. P.S. After the Denicio del Toro boning incident, oh and the Sean Penn thingy, lost all respect for her. I believe she’ll try to secure that with every single one of her claws. He partied enough for three lifetimes while he was young but those days are finished for him. But I don’t think she’s a fan of Scarlett Johansson either. Poor man, he’s pretty much hog-tied now. In 1997 and 1999 was voted one of "People" Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. The vibes I get and everything about EP reeks cheesy, stupid, bimbo, with maximum cunning. They probably find her more annoying than a threat. !”, Photos courtesy of WENN. Try searching for Chris Hemsworth girlfriend let me know if you find one, before Elsa. She’s gotta go! This sounds like so much garbage. Have I flagged something or is KK a Scientologist? that is completely lacking in accuracy.*. home to Australia without Elsa and it’s been almost 5 whole days that we haven’t seen a pap shot of him? uh hmm (LOL only in another lifetime, now I only feel protective of him, for some strange reason) that he would be married to a woman so devious. When he was at The Toronto international film festival reporters said he was there with his ‘wife’. You never look at a person when you talk to them? She provides that. However, on my own time, I hang out with other women because men are crappy shopping and spa buddies. yes until he hits his midlife crisis like JD lol, I remember when JD was like rdj is now with Susan, I hope he won’t go so far and low like Johnny pls RDJ you are a example for men one of the few role models in hollywood don’t ever have a midlife crisis. Never. She still shops at thrift stores. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Scarjo is like Diaz gorgeous babe, flirty, gets dumped all the time, will probably grow old alone. Marriage and a family to me is a forever commitment. Seriously though, She is absolutely not Evans’s type. I’m not saying she would actually bone a married dude (Am I? Although that was awhile ago. @Vivienne: Ugh I guess so, I just saw a pap set with her and India from the 26th. Go for it. I complimented the dress, if I was complimenting you, I would have said “You look lovely” or some variation therein. I hope RDJ and Ruffalo will do a Hulk/Stark movie together and they are in a love triangle over Pepper Potts !! I’m from the Northeast (not Boston, but love that town), brunette, enjoy busting people’s chops (can take it and dish it out), and have a great a$$. Plus, if the relationship is strong it should stand any harmless flirting. That definitely made my Spidey sense tingle. I actually wondered if Hiddles had a crush on her, because he gave a couple interviews in which he was incredibly complimentary to her, gushing about their one scene together and saying how great she was to work with. I really don’t see Elsa being Chris’ beard though. She was with Adrien Brody before Chris, right? Lainey pretty much confirmed that the bitch in the bathroom incident is Li’l Miss Scarlett:, @ Asda…*shaking head at your very vehement response (defensive?) Nowadays their circle of friends is pretty much the same. Sorry Eve. Obviously doesn’t hide his true feelings about much As for the flirting with Scarjo, she seemed to be putting it on a little on the red carpet at least… I’m totally overthinking this one. I just work with a really funny group of guys for the most part. There is a comment here that talked about a Tom and got me to thinking that Scarjo and Tom Cruise could be the the next media manufactured power couple and would create a lot of tabloid interest. After a deadly plague kills most of the world's population, the remaining survivors split into two groups - one led by a benevolent elder and the other by a malevolent being - to face each other in a final battle between good and evil. She doesn’t like that. ScarJo better stay away, because I will shank a b!tch. “Chatcat says: I don’t have hate ScarJo, but thinking of the two of them together kills my Hiddleboner. Don’t know why the fangeeks feel betrayed, do they understand the art vs real life thing? #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { I’m pretty sure Hiddles Is married or practically married. Honestly, how can you not be buddy/flirty with those guys. They all seem to get along so well (which is great for a franchise like The Avengers). They hardly ever spend any time apart and they would never go out for more than two weeks without seeing each other. Harper, you’d have to be following Adrien Brody’s career — or even hers — for a while to fully understand it. His fangeeks went into total meltdown when he took his wife to an event and felt so very betrayed. They think it borders on being flirty. He and Susan are very very close you could say almost attached to the hip. No, I won’t forgive him for behaving like a fool and letting her do whatever she wanted with him, but I also believe he was madly in love with her. It’s sad actually, I think she’s cute (vs gorgeous) and has some talent (as opposed to Kate Hudson). Why all the hate for Chris Hemsworth’s lady? Perhaps take a moment before jumping on the other posters and making claims about their personality. Yes. I like Scarlett, really I do, but I will take a bitch out if she touches my Tom! So yes she will bone anything. 8.4m Followers, 113 Following, 49 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tom Hiddleston (@twhiddleston) Do you hear that? Didn’t ScarJo say once that she was “interviewed”- sorry, invited to dinner- by Tommy Girl before he ensnared Katie Holmes. She definitely seems like the one who gets antsy and wants out of a relationship. And even though I tell myself, I AM NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE, I must add: Mark … “If you wanna be friends with RDJ you first have to get pass Susan” I wouldn’t call her a bitch — I don’t know her in person, don’t know if she’s rude or polite to people. Totally different animal. Maybe her personality factors into this too. I was just about to say that she seems like the kind of woman who doesn’t like other women and I don’t trust women who don’t like other women. Why does it have to be Scarlett?? She wants the attention and feels insecure ever since Sean Penn dumpt her. While Tom Hiddleston makes a devilishly charming Loki, it would be amazing to see how an actress like Mara would characterize Thor’s younger brother. Through her maternal grandmother, she is a relative of. RDJ, bam! Some girlfriends got driven crazy because I was involved in guys nights and I was in on “guy talk”. It is all about PR and hype today…..I personally think this whole twilight romance saga is one big PR campaign for the last twilight movie. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy too. Btw, reading the comments to this, if it’s true about Elsa Pataky, then Chris H. should be really careful. Interest has faded with that series and this gets their fan base energized. margin-left: 0; In the second segment, Hiddleston compliments Swift four times. July 27, 2012 at 12:04 pm She was later pictured at a bar with Tom H. and Chris H. I just really don’t see the hotness with this one. It’s a close knit family free of any Hollywood drama. He’s been very open about what he likes in a woman, and she doesn’t really fit. The Penn thing took the cake. Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch Are Proud Feminists & These 10 Quotes Prove That The tides are finally changing and more and more men are stepping into the feminism conversation. This is such a bull$$$ I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t wait to read the comments on that one. Must have been hard working with all those good-looking men, however, …. I’m sure there’s an urge to out-do him, somehow. His brothers in law are great guys and they have a great relationship. She better not go anywhere near Mark Ruffalo or I will find her. But because Scarlett is the lone single woman, SHE gets targeted as the flirt. I’m so over that storyline. And she doesn’t strike me at all like a femme fatale. That MY Chris. She seems to be one of those who wants, what she wants, when she wants it and uses her pretty smile and vagina to get it, then when she wants more, she does the trash and dash. Tom Hiddleston stars (and looks oh-so-sexy) in this science fiction thriller. –and Scar Jo is the type who has a lot of guy friends. I searched because I was curios why he feels the need to carry that baby in his “manly arms” every freaking call the paps freaking day. I love how they act like kids when they're together, we can really see that they get along well, because that's how I act around my friends too. After the premiere Scarlett wanted to go out and “party” and was trying to get her co-stars to come out and really insisting on RDJ. But to keep her weight at a svelte 130 pounds, she stays fit with a rigorous stretching and strengthening routine (her firm body tone is evident when compared to photos of her earlier modeling, where she was very slim but not toned). As Jonathan Pine, eponymous night manager and fledgling spy, Hiddleston … Actually he’s single again and has been for a while. Being a father at that age is just a bit young IMO. She’s bland, fish-faced, and can’t act for sh*t. Never got the hype around her. I could actually see how this flirty behavior would bug a wife. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; Ranked #30 on "Maxim" magazine's Hot 100 of 2007 list. Margot Robbie is 29, but we’re sure some people have given her a few years more. And Elsa strikes me as the kind who’d find that threatening… By the way, I’m pretty certain Tom Hiddles is actually married. I think she has more men going after her than she can deal with. I second that. She has a pretty face, but overall, I find her attraction limited. He loves and respects his in laws who never questioned why their daughter was dating a well known drug user and a fellon back in the day. Rebecca Alie Romijn was born on November 6, 1972 in Berkeley, California. Used to be a huge fan of Thomas Jane — Pataky worked with him in “Give’em Hell, Malone”. She is what I think of as “one of the guys” vs. “that girl”. And yeah, Scarlet doesn’t seem like the femme fatale type to me at all. Anyway he said no and went back to his hotel room. Tom Hiddleston Character Prompts supersoakerx. I can’t wait to read the comments on that one. Tom Hiddleston! And yes, this is GREAT for the movie(s)! Tom Hardy steals a few scenes as Ricki Tarr; same goes for Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter Guillam. Notwithstanding those technical difficulties, X-Men (2000) was a box-office bonanza, and Rebecca's future in films was assured. The actors became pretty tight and would go drinking and dancing together. Yeah, he is definitely exuberant about everything and everyone. THOR . She can have Tom Hiddleston, though. I've always thought that was attractive. Oh, that is so below the belt, so freakin’ classless, so disreputable, And may I say, “what a world-class biotch.” Unbelievable.